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Here is what our clients have to say about us

Jane is a very gifted practitioner and teacher. She truly cares about her clients, and she is passionate about her work.  Jane’s manner is kind, welcoming and warm, and she is intelligent and insightful. She listens deeply without judgment to whatever questions or issues that I bring to her to work with.  Jane can access many different tools when she is working with me, and yet they all work together in harmony, so that the outcome is greater self-awareness and educational pointers that help me to navigate my way toward greater emotional and physical health.” ~MM Shelburne, Vermont

Tim is without exception one of the most gifted coaches I have ever worked with. I have a complex health history and have had all kinds of issues with my weight and energy since I was a child. Tim helped me systematically sort through my "closet" of issues, especially my love/hate relationship with food. Over many months he helped me gain greater confidence in my intuition and my ability to make healthy choices for myself. I feel so much better now and have a vision for a healthy future which I never had before. I cannot thank him enough.

GB Shelburne, Vermont

“Our family has changed it’s eating patterns thanks to Jane’s guidance.  When I first began even considering the changes I knew we needed to make, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to begin. With Jane’s support we were able to make incremental changes and our food choices feel more nourishing and simple.  I have so many easy recipes to add to our daily diet now.  I’m happier and my family is too. A huge part of my success has been identifying the deep inner resistance to change I didn’t even know was there. The EFT work I did with Jane was essential in helping me release my childhood patterns and move forward in present time.” 

~EB Essex, New York

“After years of feeling fatigue and unexplained headaches, I never would have guessed that doing this weird tapping on my meridians could literally change the way my body feels!  I am in awe that some very early childhood beliefs were at the root of my fatigue and that I no longer need  headaches to help me take the downtime I got when I had them.  Jane taught me how to do EFT on my own and I use it daily now.  However, I always contact her when there are issues I need support with, even though I live in Ohio!  Skype is an amazing tool and I’m so happy I found Jane.  I would recommend her to any and everyone.” 

~RP Shaker Hts, Ohio

Tim and Jane were a Godsend in helping me deal with the shock of being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I was completely freaked out and had no idea where to begin to get well. They helped me turn my terror of cancer and dying into a process of hope and transformation that I could never have imagined. At the beginning, I felt powerless but with their unwavering patience and knowledge I found out just how powerful a woman I am and that I had a lot more control over my situation than I ever realized. I sincerely believe I would not have made it through this without them. Bless you!

BC, St Paul, Minnesota

Lifelong Wellness LLC

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