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      As you venture deeper into your life, your physical, emotional and spiritual needs change. Although we welcome working with those of any age, our coaching and wellness services are especially designed to help those of you who are 50 and over to pay close attention to those needs and discover ways to fulfill them so that the quality of your life continues to ripen and flourish.

Your health and well being are in your hands

Our Services Are For Those of You Who Are:

  • seeking the best nutrition possible for your unique body

  • wanting to take active steps to avoid disease and bring your health and well being to the next level

  • seeking more meaningful work, relationships and sense of purpose in your life

  • interested in gaining a deeper understanding for your emotional and spiritual needs

      We offer one-on-one sessions and small group support by phone, Zoom or Skype from our home studio near Burlington, Vermont to you where ever you are (all in-person sessions suspended during pandemic).

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Disclaimer- All of our coaching and wellness services are for informational and educational purposes only and not intended to prevent, treat or diagnosis any medical condition or disease. We are not licensed medical professionals.