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lifelong Wellness groups

Women Supporting Women

Feeling a bit isolated and stressed during this time of uncertainty? You are not alone!

These small 4-6 person virtual groups are now forming and will meet weekly (or more often depending on the needs of the group). Using ZOOM as our meeting platform, we will create a safe and confidential space to connect and share our life experiences.  Each of you will have equal time to share and ask the group for whatever support you need with Jane as the facilitator. As we get to know each other our conversations will naturally deepen and with that comes the opportunity to connect, open and empower each other.

There are 3 different groups forming

  • Women Over 50

  • Women 20-49

  • Mom's with children at home

All groups are on a donation basis and will run at least 4-6 weeks or longer if the group wants to continue further.

For more information and to register, please e-mail Jane at

or use our Contact Us page

Men connect

Today we find ourselves in truly uncharted waters which are creating enormous anxiety and uncertainty for all of us. As men, we process these challenges in different ways. Having the support of a small, close knit group of men provides the opportunity to create a safe, confidential space for us to both explore the unique challenges that surface for each of us as men and provide support and insight to others in our circle. Having the support we need to navigate through such uncertainty is as vital as eating well, exercising and getting enough rest. Think of it as a vital nutrient!

Groups will gather on ZOOM weekly for 90 minutes in the late afternoon/early evening EST. (exact day and time TBD) We'll have a maximum of 6-8 members and groups will run for at least 4-6 or longer depending on the needs of the group. Contributions are on a donation basis with a suggested donation of $25. For more information and to register, contact Tim Yandow here.

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