About Tim

      I've been studying and practicing natural health since 1990.  I've explored a broad swath of the natural healing arts including body work, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine,  European Biological Medicine and health coaching.

      In 2009 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Because of my background in natural medicine, I was uniquely prepared to take this on. I pulled together a gifted team of diverse practitioners and doctors, and through an intensive, integrated, multi-faceted approach I was able to establish a definitive cure. Years later, I used this same approach to address a chronic digestive disorder. These experiences along with working with hundreds of clients have taught me over and over again the boundless healing powers of curiosity, self-love, and being relentlessly inquisitive.

      It is a great joy and honor for me to make the knowledge and experience I have gathered over these many years available to you as your personal Health Coach. I am here to explore the best ways for you to establish and maintain optimal and enduring health. Coaching has allowed me to bring together everything I have learned over these 25+ years in a way that helps empower you to take charge of your health and well being and address your specific and unique needs holistically and organically.

Professional Background

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

  • European Biological Medicine (2 year training with Dr. Thomas Rau)

  • Botanical Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy (2 year training-Hart Brent)

  • Brennan School of Healing (Energetic Body Work- 4 Year Training)

  • Yandow Green Builders- Owner (Award Winning Energy Efficient, Green and Healthy Home Construction Company)

  • Field Biologist- Ecosystem Center- Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole

  • B.S. - Field Biology- Univ. of Vermont

  • 35 Years of Mountaineering, Backcountry Skiing, biking, kayaking and endless outdoor adventures


$100/ hour for all services

10% Discount if you sign up for 6 or more sessions

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Disclaimer- All of our coaching and wellness services are for informational and educational purposes only and not intended to prevent, treat or diagnosis any medical condition or disease. We are not licensed medical professionals.