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About Tim

      I've been studying and practicing natural health since 1990.  I've explored a broad swath of the natural healing arts including body work, clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine,  European Biological Medicine and health coaching.

      In 2009 I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Because of my background in natural medicine, I was uniquely prepared to take this on. I pulled together a gifted team of diverse practitioners and doctors, and through an intensive, integrated, multi-faceted approach I was able to establish a definitive cure. Years later, I used this same approach to address a chronic digestive disorder. These experiences along with working with hundreds of clients have taught me over and over again the boundless healing powers of curiosity, self-love, and being relentlessly inquisitive.

      It is a great joy and honor for me to make the knowledge and experience I have gathered over these many years available to you as your personal Health Coach. I am here to explore the best ways for you to establish and maintain optimal and enduring health. Coaching has allowed me to bring together everything I have learned over these 25+ years in a way that helps empower you to take charge of your health and well being and address your specific and unique needs holistically and organically.

Professional Background

  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

  • European Biological Medicine (2 year training with Dr. Thomas Rau)

  • Botanical Medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy (2 year training-Hart Brent)

  • Brennan School of Healing (Energetic Body Work- 4 Year Training)

  • Yandow Green Builders- Owner (Award Winning Energy Efficient, Green and Healthy Home Construction Company)

  • Field Biologist- Ecosystem Center- Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole

  • B.S. - Field Biology- Univ. of Vermont

  • 35 Years of Mountaineering, Backcountry Skiing, biking, kayaking and endless outdoor adventures


$100/ hour for all services

10% Discount if you sign up for 6 or more sessions

      To learn more about my specific services



Lifelong Wellness LLC

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