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About Jane

     I have been working as a therapist and consultant in the healing arts over the past 30 years with people of all ages.

My work as a practitioner and coach is born directly out of my life experiences. Having struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Environmental Sensitivities, I have turned over many stones to restore my now vibrant health and gained a deep understanding of the root causes that underlie physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.

     My greatest passion is exploring the inner landscape and how it influences and informs your outer life utilizing a variety of tools. I can also work with you on a purely physical level and teach you about things like nutrient dense food, growing your own sprouts and greens, addressing physical symptoms and creating a Healthy Home.

Certifications and Trainings

  • Accredited and Certified EFT Practitioner

  • Hippocrates Health Institute Certified Health Educator and Cancer Wellness Program

  • Raw Food Nutrition Certification with David Wolfe

  • Gluten Free Society Certified

  • Living Food Preparation (advanced training with Geniel Fife)

  • Hospice Volunteer and Doula End of Life Certification

  • One Year Training in Herbal Medicine with Hart Brent

  • Energy Healing Certification (School for Enlightenment and Healing Two Year Program)

  • Breathwork Practitioner (2 Year Training)

  • Completion Integration Process/Rebirthing Practitioner (3 Year Training with Dina Yellen)

  • B.A. in Environmental Education 1982 (Naturalist, Environmental Educator and Humpback Whale Researcher)

I bring to my practice my insatiable curiosity and joy for life, my love for people and my deep connection to this most amazing earth.

To learn more about my services

Jane Rowe

Lifelong Wellness LLC

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